TrustAutomation (San Luis Obispo, CA) has released the TA600 4-axis stand-alone motion controller for use with brushed, brushless, and stepper motor drives, featuring dual processors, a DSP processor, and a high-speed microcontroller. The TA600 firmware is C language programmable, with a 3-letter command set, user programmable macros, and programmable Enable, Fault, Home, and Limit levels. An integrated Emergency Stop circuit is also included. Features are: point-to-point, trapezoidal, S-curve profiling; linear interpolation; position velocity time and analog feedback profiling; electronic gearing; and fast event capturing inputs. Three PID with feedforward tuning filters help with standing, moving, and stopping. Dual bi-quad filters for each axis control system harmonics. Options include digital-to-analog converters. The unit is designed for use with a 24 to 28 VDC supply at 0.5 to 6 Amps (fused).