The P-363 PicoCubeTM positioning and scanning system from PI L.P. (Auburn, MA) is designed to provide ultra-high resolution and positional stability together with its E-536 driver/controller. Features of the P-363 include a high-speed XYZ scanner for AFM/SPM and manipulation tool for nanotechnology, high-stiffness shear piezo drives with up to 10 kHz resonant frequency, 0.025-nm resolution, capacitive feedback, parallel metrology, and vacuum compatibility.

The PicoCube® is based on high-stiffness piezo drives rather than tubes, and employs non-contact, direct-measuring, parallel-metrology capacitive sensors for position feedback. Parallel metrology can "see" all controlled degrees of freedom simultaneously and compensate for off-axis motion in real time. The benefits are a reduction of runout and off-axis errors, straighter multi-axis motion, and improved repeatability.

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