OSRAM Opto Semiconductors (San Jose, CA) offers an enhanced line of Power TOPLED® light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that features the company’s thin-film chip technology within the packages that produces brighter light. Lensed Power TOPLED 30° and 60° devices provide matched radiation patterns in all colors, delivering higher intensity light in a more uniform and focused beam. Available indium gallium nitrite (InGaN) colors include blue and true green in all radiation patterns, along with InGaN white devices in the standard package.

The devices use the company’s surface-mount technology that allows the LEDs to be processed using standard automated placement and solder techniques. Heat is dissipated via four legs versus two legs. The 30° LEDs produce 6300 millicandellas (mcd) in super-red, 12,000 mcd in amber, and 6500 mcd in yellow. The blue and green LEDs operate at a forward voltage of 3.4 V.