DALSA Corporation, Waterloo, ON, has released its Falcon 1.4M100, a 1.4 megapixel area camera that delivers 100 frames per second at full resolution in an ultra-compact body measuring 44 mm × 44 mm × 44 mm. Applications include traffic management, metrology, robotics inspection, PCB-AOI and electronics inspection, semiconductor wafer inspection, flat panel display inspection, and general machine vision.

The Falcon 1.4M100 uses DALSA’s patented CMOS sensor technology and achieves 57dB of dynamic range. Fully programmable via a base mini-Camera Link, the camera has exposure control, windowing, gain and offset adjustment, and flat-field correction. The camera has 7.4 μm × 7. 4 μm pixel pitch, 2 × 80 MHz data rates, and 8- or 10-bit selectable output. Ease of use is enhanced by DALSAís CamExpertTM point-and-click graphical user interface and the ability to transmit data using 10m long mini-Camera Link cables.

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