The BrainLight series by EVT (Karlsruhe, Germany) is an intelligent lighting system that allows the user to control both color and brightness, as well as create and save individual lighting patterns. At present the BrainLight series consists of a back light (BrainLight QC) and a ring light (BrainLight R). The back light has separately controllable rows of red, green, blue and white LEDs. There is a diffuser glass in front so the light spreads evenly over the object. All in all there are 48 LEDs, arranged in a grid. The size is 30 x 40 mm, but extra rows of LEDs can be added. The ring light has a RS232 or TTL UART interface and a +5V or 12-24V input voltage. The LEDs are separated into 8 segments each with 3 LEDs.

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