Thin-Film Resistors

Stackpole Electronics, Raleigh, NC, offers RNCF AEC-Q200-qualified thin-film resistors available in tolerances down to ±0.01% and ±5 PPM temperature coefficient. Resistance values range from 24.9 ohm up to 49.9K ohm in sizes 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, and 2512. They are suited for medical monitoring, precision controls, and avionics.

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Battery Holder

Keystone Electronics Corp., New Hyde Park, NY, introduced the Vibra-Fit vertical-mount coin cell holder.

The device allows for top entry of 2032, 2025, or 2x 2016 lithium batteries.

The holder is designed to retain cells securely under shock and vibration.

Features include tin-plated brass contacts for low-contact-resistant and simplified thru-hole mounting on PCBs.

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Pressure Sensors

Bourns, Riverside, CA, offers the Model BPS140 pressure sensors based on MEMS technology. They can handle high pressure ranges (15 to 500 PSI) even at high temperatures. The sensors’ structure is combined with back-side pressure measurement that minimizes the number of media-sensitive wetted materials, ensuring that the measured media only touches the back side of the measurement element. The sensors work in a temperature range of -40 to 150 °C.

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Proximity Sensors

Omron Automation Americas, Hoffman Estates, IL, offers E2E NEXT proximity sensors that include an enhanced sensing distance to minimize target contact during production. IO-Link functionality enables the sensors to indicate the location and cause of failures in real time. They can also detect warning signs of impending failures and notify users via the network.

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AC-DC Converter ICs

Power Integrations, San Jose, CA, offers gallium nitride (GaN)-based InnoSwitch3 AC-DC converter ICs.

The components combine primary, secondary, and feedback circuits in a single surface-mounted package.

GaN switches replace silicon high-voltage transistors on the primary side of the IC.

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