Blue Ridge Numerics, Charlottesville, VA, has introduced CFdesign 2010 computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software that provides a CAD-driven design study environment to let engineers achieve pass-fail and what-if scenarios as part of their workflow.

The Design Study Manager provides an environment to create and manage flow and thermal design studies containing single or multiple scenarios, and a new process for assessing performance comparatively against competing designs. Critical Value Engineering lets users select and define the project-specific performance values, and the software delivers the performance picture, comparing against the targeted objective and competing designs. Any 3D point, collection of points, a plane, or a part location can be identified within or on a model, and the software displays a critical value summary for all designs and scenarios in the design study. Direct Modeling of External Flow Volumes allows users to grab a handle, push, and pull to create an external flow volume around a CAD model. The software supports high-performance computing by supporting the iCore7 processor from Intel, and automatically utilizes up to four cores. It also supports 32- and 64-bit Windows XP and Vista workstations.

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