Atego (San Diego, CA) has released Aonix Perc Ultra® with support for execution on Wind River’s VxWorks MILS Platform 2.1. Aonix Perc Ultra for VxWorks MILS responds to the need for Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS) that enables deployment of embedded and real-time Java™ applications where applications with different security levels can execute within the same system.

Aonix Perc Ultra is a Virtual Machine technology and supporting tool chain that is deployed in a range of time-critical applications. VxWorks MILS Platform 2.1 implements a high performance and scalable Type 1 hypervisor-based embedded separation kernel, and includes a high assurance environment designed for Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) 6+ user components including applications, middleware, and drivers. Additionally, the product provides a High Assurance Network Stack enabling MILS-based secure networking, which is a critical component for cross domain solutions (CDS) and Multi-Level Secure (MLS) connected devices.

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