One may not normally associate Santa Claus with cutting-edge science and technology, but a story in our recent Tech Briefs INSIDER newsletter shows that notion is outdated.

The story, based on
by North Carolina State University professor Dr. Larry Silverberg, paints a picture of St. Nick as a technical guru. Everything about Santa's sleigh shouts high-tech, ranging from the aerodynamic construction to the laser sensors that help St. Nick smoothly navigate through the sky. Even Santa’s reindeer are equipped with side-mounted jetpacks powered by cold fusion.

Reading this story makes even a sometimes-jaded person like me marvel at the extent to which science and technology influences our lives. It is also a testament to the wonderful imaginations and creative thinking our scientists and engineers utilize year-round to find solutions to our most pressing problems.

All of us at NASA Tech Briefs wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.