I met a lot of people at last week’s Design & Manufacturing Midwest show, and I saw a lot of innovative new products. I’ve had the chance to share with you what I saw last week from the show floor, and this week as we do a final wrap-up. What about you? If you were at D&M Midwest – or any of the five co-located shows – I’d love to hear what you saw that you thought was especially innovative, and how you plan to use that technology.

Inficon introduced the T-Guard Leak Detection Sensor that works with simple chambers at atmospheric pressure, eliminating the need for high-vacuum chambers and pumps. The sensor uses Wise Technology, which has no wearing parts or ion source filaments. Intelligent internal software enables the sensor to recognize and communicate leak rate signals quickly. It’s an alternative to pressure decay and water bath leak detection.

At the Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) show, The Modal Shop introduced Resonant Inspection nondestructive test systems for manufacturers or users of metal injection molded parts in the medical device industry. The NDT-RAM systems test the whole part, internally and externally, to alert of anomalies and structural flaws in components, such as subsurface cracks or microfractures. The entire process can be achieved in as little as one second per part.

Don’t forget to send me your comments on the show, and let me know what inspired you.