Last week’s Design & Manufacturing Midwest event in Rosemont, IL, was a hotbed for new product introductions to the industrial, medical, automation, assembly, and design areas. Here are more new products you should know about in case you missed the show.

Optical Gaging Products  introduced the Focus Lite 14” Horizontal Contour Projector that features what the company claims is a world-first for optical comparators: all-LED illumination using TruLight LED illuminators, which include a high-brightness, monochromatic, green LED profile light. The Focus Lite optics are completely telecentric, yielding inverted and reversed images that are undistorted on its angled 14” viewing screen. Magnification lenses are internally mounted with room to store others, and a magnification identification system automatically displays the magnification of the lens currently in use.

Bosch Rexroth  introduced ED02 pressure regulators with compact dimensions of only 3x2.4x1.2”. They are built with two directly controlled proportional valves, and exact regulation is controlled by a microprocessor. Four pressure regulators can be linked to each other without a base plate. Compressed air supply is possible from both sides, permitting extremely flexible use in a system. The supply voltage, analog set point, and actual value are electrically connected via a central M12 plug.

Kistler Instrument Corporation  introduced the Type 9129AA compact, multicomponent dynamometer for measuring machining forces. It measures the three components of the resultant force vector and the three components of the resultant moment vector. A piezoelectric sensor system measures the forces with virtually no displacement. It’s designed for use in confined spaces, and for measuring the machining forces involved in milling and grinding.

Tomorrow, we’ll feature more new products introduced at the show.