After yesterday’s inspirational keynote, I was determined to find more innovative new products on the show floor, and I found them. So, before Design & Manufacturing Midwest wraps up this afternoon, I wanted to let you know about a few of those new products.

Horner Advanced Products Group introduced a new series of SmartMon energy monitoring products that combine hardware and embedded software applications that require no programming or networking. You can hook up a standalone SmartMon product to a machine, circuit, or building and instantly be monitoring your energy consumption. You can see exactly where the costs are, and the SmartMon products can be easily expanded across your plant or facility.

The LEXT OLS4000, the newest laser scanning confocal microscope from Olympus, is the next generation in non-contact optical measuring solutions. The world’s first laser-based, dual-confocal microscope optimized to operate at 405 nanometers, the system allows researchers, engineers, and technicians to accurately measure and image angles up to 85 degrees. New filtering and calibration advancements allow the system to duplicate the results of stylus systems without contacting and potentially damaging the sample surface.

At the Rensihaw booth, the latest encoder system was on display. FASTRACK is a revolutionary track-mounted linear encoder scale system with the ruggedness of stainless steel, and the quick and easy installation of a carrier-type encoder system. The scale system consists of two miniature guide rails that let the scales freely expand at their own thermal expansion coefficient. If damaged, the scale can be pulled out of the guide rails and quickly replaced, even where access is limited, reducing machine downtime.

Tomorrow, I’ll give you a wrap-up of the show’s final day.