I had the opportunity to meet with an old friend of NASA Tech Briefs last week. Allen Razdow, who many design engineers may know as the inventor of Mathcad and the co-founder of MathSoft, was in town to talk to me about his new company and his new venture, a sort of “Wikipedia for numbers.”

The company, True Engineering Technology, was founded to address the challenges created by unstructured numbers for knowledge workers. As Allen said, “It’s almost unbelievable that, in an era where most information is intrinsically connected via the Web, we haven’t yet developed a better way of managing numbers, one of the most important types of information.”

The result is truenumbers™, a set of tools that makes it easy to represent numbers as machine-readable, URL-like data. truenumbers are live and connected through any desktop application in which they reside. They also can be embedded in documents and workflow, resulting in a Web-friendly approach to numbers.

You can create truenumbers for use in HTML-enabled applications using the free Create a Number application at the True Engineering Web site , and registered users can access and store truenumbers in a free, public numberspace repository. Check it out and let me know what you think.