The next time you gaze up into the heavens and imagine the International Space Station orbiting high above the Earth, think of Stephen Colbert. Seriously.

Fans of “The Colbert Report” star made “Colbert” the number-one choice to become the name of the newest wing of the International Space Station. In a NASA contest to name the module, more than 230,539 of the 1.1 million submissions were for “Colbert”. NASA’s choice for the wing name, “Serenity,” finished second. NASA does reserve the right to ultimately choose the name, and will make a final decision sometime next month.

Think about this for a moment. NASA  asks the nation to help them designate a proper moniker for an important piece of an internationally built and managed space science environment, and what do we do? We decide to name it after a TV personality.

Hey, it could be worse. It could be the “Oprah” wing.