As the year comes to a close, we highlight the ten INSIDER stories that have generated the highest number of click-throughs. These are the ten stories in which INSIDERs were most interested in 2008. Today's INSIDER highlights numbers 10 through 6. Thursday's INSIDER will highlight the top five stories of 2008.

#10 University of Virginia scientists have researched the use of magnetic therapy for treating multiple conditions. After simulating tissue injuries on the hind paws of anesthetized rats, the scientists found that applying magnets can significantly reduce swelling if applied immediately after tissue trauma.

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#9 Carnegie Mellon University researchers have found that listening to a cell phone while driving causes significant distraction, leading some drivers to commit some of same types of driving errors that occur under the influence of alcohol. Click here .

#8 A supercomputer-powered 'virtual earthquake' program developed at San Diego State University calculates realistic three-dimensional simulations that describe the possible impacts of megathrust quakes on the Pacific Northwest region. Click here .

#7 Ohio State University chemists created a material that overcomes two of the major obstacles to solar power: it absorbs all the energy contained in sunlight, and generates electrons in a way that makes them easier to capture. The researchers combined electrically conductive plastic with metals, including molybdenum and titanium, to create the hybrid material. Click here .

#6 A research team at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) is using asphalt to develop a solar collector that could turn roads and parking lots into ubiquitous - and inexpensive - sources of electricity and hot water. Click here .