I didn't go to Wakefield, Rhode Island looking for great music.

I was there to see the new U.S. headquarters of Dewetron, a leading manufacturer of data acquisition equipment and long-time NASA Tech Briefs advertiser. The last stop on our tour was a closed door, behind which was a small room that Dewetron president Grant Smith said was his "place to escape." It is equipped with a state-of-the-art digital music console where Grant creates magic.

It turns out that this engineer by trade is a talented songwriter and musician. He has crafted a wonderful new album of rock ballads called "Already August." If you are a fan of '80s soft rock acts such as Styx or Bill Joel, you will love this record. On his Web site , Grant describes it as being about "growing up, transitions, moving away from home, falling down and getting back up, getting knocked around a little in the big city, and if you're lucky, finding your true love."

My favorite tracks are "Monkey on a Rocket," a song we can probably all relate to about being overwhelmed by technological change, "If Hearts Were Like Diamonds," a gem of a tune lamenting a painful relationship, and "Cuts Away," about two outsiders who discover love together.

Check it out at www.grant-maloy-smith.com/alreadyaugust/index.html . Let me know what you think.

- Joe Pramberger

Publisher, NASA Tech Briefs

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