Overtaking on two-lane roads is easier if drivers use what is known as an overtaking assistant, a system which indicates when it is safe to overtake. This system prevents reckless drivers overtaking when it is not safe, and can also aid cautious drivers in overtaking slower vehicles.

Researcher Geertje Hegeman from the Delft University of Technology has designed an overtaking assistant that displays a green light when it is safe to overtake another vehicle and a red light when it is not safe. She tested the system in a driving simulator on a two-lane road, and found that the overtaking assistant increases the driver's sense of ease and can have a positive effect on safety and efficiency.

One advantage of the overtaking assistant compared to other solutions aimed at making overtaking easier and safer - such as overtaking bans or special lanes - is that the assistant can be used anywhere in the world. The benefits of the overtaking assistant could be particularly great in East European countries, which have many two-lane roads and relatively long, straight stretches of road.

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