A company wishes to buy US patents in the following general areas:

-Digital cameras and imaging, including CCD, low-light imaging, high-speed imaging, non-visible wavelengths, motion/lighting compensation, and automatic focusing.

-Display technology, including LCD, DLP, OLED, electronic ink, flexible substrates, transparent substrates, LED (or non-incandescent/non-fluorescent) lighting, high-speed interfaces, wireless connections, and power conservation.

-Semiconductor software and hardware, including communications components, encryption, networking, memory, flash, hybrid storage, cooling, interfaces, connectors, and network management.

-Communications technology, including 3G cellular (such as HSDPA), VOIP, GPS, satellite, wireless, video and audio compression, codecs, switching, antenna design, and billing systems. Click here for more info .

An organization seeks technology to enable foods to become crispy when heated in a home microwave oven. The outer surface should heat and become (or remain) crispy, while the interior body of the food should heat only as appropriate. Essentially, the outer surface and the interior of the food should create at

least two distinct layers or zones. All proposed solutions must be safe for human consumption over long periods of time, generally recognized as safe (GRAS), and shelf-stable for up to 12 months. Click here for more info