A toolkit facilitates quick development of Honeywell Communications Interface (HCI) and OPC-compliant servers. The kit includes a time-out indicator (TOI) feature to overcome situations wherein real-time process control systems become suspended indefinitely or for long time periods. An intermediary object between the client and the resource returns control to the client, if the request is not completed within a predetermined time. The toolkit also reduces server development time through dynamically

linked libraries (DLLs). Click here for more info .

Hebberd Dynamic Simulation Software (HDSS) provides a reliable method to analyze and forecast equipment components that are routinely replaced. The software determines changes in operating condition parameters and fielded reliability performance, ensuring timely replacement of critical components and safety of equipment operators. The software can identify work process stages and equipment performance inconsistencies that are measured and given corresponding alert confidence levels that are used as a basis for actions to be taken. Click here for more info .

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