Tracking the location of resources such as hospitals, fire stations, transportation equipment, and water during an emergency situation can be life-saving. The Geographic Tool for Visualization and Collaboration (GTVC) was initially developed for military applications, and has recently been modified by the Georgia Tech Research Institute to allow emergency management personnel to visually track such resources in

real time.

GTVC can track chemical or smoke plumes and help management personnel plan evacuation routes for emergencies such as hurricanes, fires, or flooding. The system tracks resources in an affected region and can indicate the status of those assets, such as the number of beds available in a specific hospital. Emergency planners can immediately get a snapshot of what is going on without relying solely on traditional voice communications.

The Georgia Emergency Management Agency uses the system to track forest fires and hurricanes. Hillsborough County, Florida and Dakota County, Minnesota have also licensed the emergency management software for their incident preparedness plans.

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