Each month, NTB highlights tech briefs related to a particular area of technology in a special section known as Technology Focus. Here's an Insider look at the January focus on Sensors.

--Induction Charge Detector With Multiple Sensing Stages

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) has conceived an induction charge detector with multiple sensing stages for use in characterizing sprayed droplets, dust particles, and large ionized molecules. Each stage yields a measurement of the electric charge and the time of flight of the particle. This increases the effective signal-to-noise ratio and thereby lowers the charge-detection limit and the standard error of the charge measurement. (Page 22)

--Robot Electronics Architecture

JPL has developed an electronics architecture to enable the rapid construction and testing of prototypes of robotic systems. This architecture is designed to be a research vehicle of great stability, reliability, and versatility. A system according to this architecture can easily be reconfigured to satisfy a variety of needs with respect to input, output, processing of data, sensing, actuation, and power.

(Page 28)

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