An improved ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) for industrial proximity sensor applications provides ease of programmability, embedded trimming capability, and dual slope temperature compensation. This ASIC design enables inductive proximity sensor/switches to be easily programmed after full assembly in production or at the customer's location. Frequency-independent temperature compensation, along with a quenching oscillator, produces sensing distances as much as three times longer than competing technology. Sensors utilizing this ASIC contain fewer electronic variants -- resulting in fewer parts, less inventory, and higher reliability. Click here for more info .

A non-contact measuring technique determines the eccentricity of aspheric optical devices and dies for manufacturing lenses. The technique measures inclination of the optical axis of the lens and aspheric central axis. Aspheric optical devices include spherical lenses, single-side aspherical lenses, and double-side aspherical lenses, but also the optical lenses used in cameras, projectors, and optical disk pickups. Aspherical lenses have become indispensable in miniaturizing optical systems and upgrading quality. Click here for more info .

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