An embedded passive integration technology allows the integration of passive components into the printed circuit board (PCB). Applied for power converters, these embedded passive integrated circuits reduce size and thus improve power density. It comprises several layers of passive functions to achieve a highly automated, low-cost manufacturing method. The technology is suited for use where size is important, including portable electronics, automotive lighting, solar power converters, and flat panel televisions and monitors. Click here for more info .

A light energy shutter system controls the amount of solar energy and heat transferred into and out of a building or other structure through a glazed opening, using pneumatically actuated, reflective shutters. A small blower provides airflow to operate the inflatable, reflective shutter elements. A photoelectric sensing element gauges the intensity of the sunlight entering through the glazed roof, and signals the control valve to either restrict or constrict the amount of air flowing through the venture. Click here for more info .

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