A GPS receiving technology can take any signals from both GPS and GLONASS, besides European Satellites such as WAAS and EGNOS. Called ARGO-16, the GPS technology has 16 universal channels in ARGO-16 that can receive and process either GPS or GLONASS satellite signals. It produces high performance with satellite coverage for positional computation, providing better position information in areas where the satellites are liable to be blocked. That makes it useful in car navigation systems, especially where skyscrapers are present. Click here for more info .

Designed to measure torque on rotating elements, the Magtorque magnetoelastic sensor is attached to the shaft, which is monitored remotely via an inductive pickup. The system's low cost permits use in a wide range of equipment performance and health monitoring applications. Magtorque provides sensitive and repeatable measurements of applied torque without direct physical contact, thus eliminating the need for brushes, slip rings, or RF transmitters. Click here for more info .

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