A method to detect image position errors includes forming a first pattern with a symbol embedded therein and a second pattern which, when positioned on the first pattern, exposes the symbol if the misalignment between the first and second patterns exceeds a position error tolerance. The symbol is perceivable with the unaided eye, even if the misalignment is imperceivable. The misalignment is quantifiable in two dimensions to enable correction of the error. This technique allows one to magnify the error when two patterns need to be superimposed in registration. Click here for more info .

A pressure transducer manufacturing technology has been enhanced with a sensor element that allows automated attachment of the semiconductor strain gage electrical connections. The design reduces cost and simplifies calibration. The transducer has integrated signal conditioning, and configurations have been demonstrated for a wide range of pressure sensing applications. Design features include built-in bonding pads allowing automated lead attachment, a single gage system element, integrated electronics, and a rugged brazed housing.

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