Mechdyne Corporation's VRCO Inc. subsidiary has demonstrated real-time interaction with professional 3D design tools in the 100 megapixel C6 Virtual Reality Room at Iowa State University's Virtual Reality Applications Center (VRAC) – the world's highest-resolution virtual environment. VRCO's Conduit software allows designers to interact with 3D graphics without productivity-limiting data conversion steps.

Typically, users must convert application data models to a format used by VR authoring or viewing tools to process the images for immersive viewing, a process which can take hours or even days. The translated data only shows a 'snapshot' of the data, meaning that changes to the original model data could not be made within the VR display in real time. Any data modifications have to be made in the original application, and then the translation process started again.

At Iowa State's VRAC, Conduit monitors the stream of graphics commands from a supported desktop application, then distributes these commands in real time to the 96 GPUs in the graphics PC cluster. On each cluster node, the streamed commands are rendered using the appropriate perspective view parameters for the portion of the display driven by the node. The 96 GPUs feed into 24 projectors. Conduit can display data on nearly all multi-projector display systems.

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