A light-emitting diode (LED) array, formed on a substrate using an etching method, is shaped to produce uniform light intensity and high production yield. A terrace formed under the light-emitting edge surface together with the grooves protects the LED from handling-induced damage during mounting because it is formed in a portion recessed from the substrate's edge. The substrate's surface in front of the light-emitting edge is formed in multiple stages so that a light beam is not reflected by the substrate's surface. This process produces an improved semiconductor light-emitting device that emits a uniform, high-density light. Click here for more info .

A laser writing technology for multiple laser beams uses electronic correction rather than optical means. Instead of using a single beam that needs to be brought to the right location, a grid of multiple beams is used, and only the beams with the right location are selected and used for data writing. This technique allows the simultaneous writing by multiple laser beams at the correct location of the image plane. Click here for more info .

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