NASA Tech Briefs' 2007 National Nano Engineering Conference (NNEC), November 14-15 at the Marriott Boston Copley Place, is the premier event focused on current and future developments in engineering innovations at the nanoscale, as well as the commercialization of nanotechnology. The event also includes the presentation of the third annual Nano 50™ Awards.

One of the Nano 50 award winners is Lawrence Livermore National Lab (LLNL), for work in metallic materials with hierarchical porous structures.

Used in electronic, catalytic, and sensor applications, metallic materials with multimodal porosity or hierarchical porous structures are of particular interest because larger pores in the structure facilitate mass transport while smaller pores increase the surface area. Although noble metals have been used extensively in catalytic, electrochemical, and purification processes, synthesizing hierarchical porous noble metal materials remains challenging.

Find out more in the presentation by Lawrence Livermore National Lab scientist Gregory Nyce on Wednesday, November 14, at 11:15 am.

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