A patented, microprocessor-based, anti-collision deceleration warning technology has been developed for motor vehicles. Its simple design provides following drivers with up to 4 seconds of additional warning time of a braking, slowing, or stopping event. The warning system reportedly reduces the risk of rear-end collisions by 60 to 90%. It is easily integrated into a vehicleís existing wiring and rear-light system. Low cost, it costs about $18 per vehicle to implement. Click here for more info .

A text-to-voice messaging system enables one to send text messages by Internet and let them arrive in the form of speech directly on the addressee's phone. It saves all the communication data on a database and, under authorization, controls, selects, checks, confirms, and/or identifies the criteria of transmission operating directly from the Web. The system can combine more messages (text converted in voice and or pre-recorded messages)in a single call. Using this system, people can send text messages from the Web and reach any phones -- not only GSM and mobile-like SMS messages. Click here for more info .