NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has developed focal-plane arrays of semiconductor quantum-dot infrared photodetectors (QDIPs) as superior alternatives to prior infrared imagers. QDIPs are easier to fabricate and operate, and electron-beam lithography would be used to make the arrays sufficiently uniform. Get more info here .

The Marshall Space Flight Center has proposed an alternative to the present "bumper" method of protecting spacecraft against hypervelocity impacts. The proposal is based on a high-voltage capacitance technique, and the metal layers of its shield design would constitute electrodes of a capacitor. Get more info here .

The Stennis Space Center has developed an automated flying-insect detection system (AFIDS) as a proof-of-concept instrument for real-time detection and identification of harmful flying insects. This system has use in public health and homeland-security decision support, and in agriculture and military pest management. Get more info here .