A linear illumination system based on a highly reflective external enclosure improves light efficiency and brightness when utilizing fluorescent lamps, light emitting diodes (LED), laser diodes, organic LEDs, electroluminescent strips, or high-intensity discharge lamps as the light source. The system provides a critical advantage for applications requiring extremely efficient light sources of high brightness (such as optical scanners and photocopiers). Additionally, this technology provides for efficient light extraction and high output radiance from narrow openings--as required in the very thin waveguides utilized in flat panel displays. This improved illumination system may be combined with optical elements of various designs or shapes to produce even more complex illumination systems. Click here for more info .

An electromagnetic accelerator rail gun technology brings the precision and speed of large, artillery-type weapons to the scale of a personal weapon. The technology uses electromagnetic force induced by a large current pulse to propel a projectile at extremely high speeds. The gun uses a pair of rails that extend along the length of the firing chamber and each has at least one wire passing there through it. The technology produces a muzzle velocity of approximately 6000 meters/sec, and yields a range of accuracy exceeding 1 mile -- 3 to 4 times the range of most accurate conventional rifle. Up to now, attempts to develop a truly lightweight electromagnetic rail gun have been plagued by limited range and power which depend largely on direct current from a battery or other power source. Click here for more info .

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