The Jettison D® is an ionizer that works in conjunction with a diesel engine's emission control system to decrease the amount of pollutants emitted while improving fuel economy, reducing maintenance, and enhancing engine performance. It changes unburned oil droplets and vapors emitted from the engine into light, burnable hydrocarbons and returns them to the engine's intake manifold to be burned. The small size, light weight, and easy installation make it suitable for use on a wide range of diesel engines. Click here for more info .

A commercially acceptable diesel combustion system meets environmental standards for nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) emissions without the need for after-treatment devices, while maintaining diesel-like fuel efficiency. The combustion system operates within a unique combination of parameters such as charge-air oxygen concentration, fuel injection pressure, and charge-air mass/fuel mass ratio. Click here for more info .

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