The Biomedical Center in Moscow has produced a vaccine that induces cytotoxic lymphocyte (CTL) clones and enables them to recognize and selectively kill Listeria- infected cells. As the lifetime of CTL clones is very long (three-seven years or more), the formulation could be used for both prophylaxis and treatment of Listeriosis, a serious bacterial infection often caused by eating contaminated foods. Respond to this Tech Need here .

NoZone technology has been developed to remove ozone from the environment. Ozone has harmful effects that are heightened for allergy sufferers. The technology emits a vapor, which is a constituent of natural essential oils from an absorbent pad/textile material. This material can be modified to release different levels of the ozone "busting" natural compound, greatly reducing the local ozone level and preventing it from returning to dangerous levels. Respond to this Tech Need here .

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