Each month, NTB highlights tech briefs related to a particular area of technology in a special section called Technology Focus. Here are some of the technologies featured in the September issue focus on Composites & Coatings.

- Rapid Fabrication of Carbide Matrix/Carbon Fiber Composites

Researchers at NASAís Marshall Space Flight Center have developed a method of fabricating composites of zirconium carbide matrix material reinforced with carbon fibers. The method includes a melt infiltration step, reducing the process to only a few days, compared with the chemical vapor infiltration method, which takes months. (Page 22)

- Ultrahigh-Temperature Ceramics

NASA Ames Research Center has developed ultrahigh-temperature ceramics, including the diborides of metals such as hafnium and zirconium. The materials can be used as sharp leading edges for hypersonic vehicles, or for other high-temperature applications such as crucibles for molten-metal processing and high-temperature electrodes. (Page 24)

- Coating Carbon Fibers With Platinum

NASA Marshall has invented a process for coating carbon fibers with platinum, which also may be adaptable to coating with other noble and refractory metals such as iridium. The fibers can be used as ingredients of matrix/fiber composite materials that would resist oxidation at high temperatures. (Page 26)

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