NASA's Innovative Partnerships Program (IPP) provides technology for NASA's mission directorates, programs, and projects through investment and technology partnerships with industry, academia, government agencies, and national labs.

NASA Tech Briefs spoke with Doug Comstock, Director of NASA's Innovative Partnerships Program, about how the public and industry can access NASA technologies, and how NASA communicates its technology needs to those who can provide them.

"Part of what IPP does is intellectual property management for NASA and licensing of NASA technologies. We report those technologies that appear in NASA Tech Briefs, and then document successful cases of technology transfer such as those that appear in NASA's Spinoff publication." Comstock added, "Part of our role is to be a facilitator, connecting technology capabilities from outside the agency to what the needs are in terms of the agency."

Read the "Who's Who at NASA" interview with Doug Comstock on page 12 of the September issue, or visit here .