This monthly review lets you "meet" the new advertisers appearing in NTB and its supplements. Here's a sneak peek at the products, services, and offers available from September's first-time advertisers.

Craftech Industries (Hudson, NY) offers advanced plastic fasteners and components in high-performance plastics such as Noryl, Teflon, PTFE, and many others. In-house manufacturing includes injection molding, CNC machining, and ultrasonic welding.

Fiberguide Industries  (Stirling, NJ) manufactures custom fiber optic OEM assemblies. The company's fabrication department uses a fiber drawn on one of their own towers, and offers extreme fibers that have gold or aluminum cladding.

Judson Technologies, LLC  (Montgomeryville, PA) offers the IR Insight focal plane array suite covering the 1 to 12 micron spectrum. State-of-the-art hybridization technology is used to produce high-density matrix arrays for OEM applications.

Lattice Materials LLC  (Bozeman, MT) supplies machined silicon and germanium parts for optics. They have CNC capabilities, and can create specialized parts. They take the job from silicon crystal growth to the finished part for complete quality assurance.

Southern Vision Systems  (Madison, AL) manufactures high-speed digital video cameras for detailed slow-motion analysis of machinery, weapons systems, or any event with motion too fast to see.

Stealth Computer Corp.  (Woodbridge, ON, Canada) offers the small and powerful LittlePC products, which offer the performance of a desktop PC in a fraction of the space.

Tangidyne  (Marcellus, NY) designs and manufactures quartz film thickness sensors, also called QCMs or quartz crystal microbalances, for use in vacuum deposition systems.

Titan Tool Supply  (Buffalo, NY) offers Envision optical microscopes and borescopes. They feature a large selection of quality precision instruments and offer same-day shipment.