An organization wants to reduce magnetron sputtering deposition times from 17 hours to 2-3 hours. They are seeking novel ways to reduce deposition and run times while meeting the same coating performance requirements as it currently does. Approaches would be to develop a novel coating design by using alternative materials, fewer numbers of layers, or a more complex layer design. Go here to respond to this Tech Need .

The metal canning industry uses several joining methods in constructing and closing cans, including welding to turn thin tinplate or tin-free steel sheet into tube at high speed. The technology required is a method of joining polymer (thermo-set lacquer or thermoplastic) coated metal components that does not disrupt the polymeric coatings used to protect the components from corrosion by the foodstuff, and can withstand the temperatures/pressures used in food processing without generating contamination of the foodstuff. Go here to respond to this Tech Need .

The Technology Needs of the Week are anonymous requests for technology, distributed through the marketplace, that you and your organization may be able to fulfill. Responding to a Tech Need is the first step to gaining an introduction with a prospective "buyer" for your technology solution.