Powerful atomizers are made using high-output rotary discs with output of 20,000 to 24,000 droplets per second, without altering the droplet size and disc parameters. Assembly of several discs in a row on a rotary shaft produces powerful aviation- and ground-based atomizers. The atomizers can be used in agriculture as an orchard sprayer, in vineyards, in putting out forest fires, in medicine, and for military purposes such as deactivation of a contaminated territory or for fast atomization of non-lethal weapons. Click here for more info .

A patented technology produces unlimited quantities of electrically charged liquids and aerosols. The atomizer/spray gun technology (electrical control of droplet size, low-pressure atomization, droplet/aerosol-particle self-dispersion, target wrap-around) includes powder paint coatings, nanofiber generation at orders of magnitude higher throughputs than has been feasible, one-pass ultrafiltration, and clean combustion of fuels. Click here for more info .

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