Each month, NTB highlights tech briefs related to a particular area of technology in a special section called Technology Focus. Here are some of the technologies featured in the July issue focus on Sensors.

"Smart" Sensor Module

Stennis Space Center has developed an assembly that contains a sensor, signal conditioning circuitry, a sensor readout analog-to-digital converter, data storage circuitry, and a microprocessor that runs software. The module monitors the integrity and health of engineering systems. They have potential uses in spacecraft, aircraft, bridges, buildings, power plants, and land vehicles. (Page 22)

Portable Apparatus for Electrochemical Sensing of Ethylene

Researchers at Kennedy Space Center have developed a small, lightweight apparatus based on electrochemical sensing for monitoring low concentrations of ethylene in air. The thick-film-type sensor can be used in the agriculture industry for monitoring and controlling ethylene concentrations in order to optimize the growth, storage, and ripening of plant products. (Page 24)

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