An electromagnetic actuator  is a highly sensitive motion control device that employs more reliable and cleaner electromagnetic technologies to replace slower, less precise, larger, noisier, and environmentally unfriendly hydraulic omponents. This patented technology uses an armature in the form of a piston that moves on its own slide bearing rings. Fully sealed construction allows the actuators to operate underwater, in a vacuum, or in a hostile or sterile environment.

A computer-controlled, programmable control interface  allows safe manual control of motorized vehicles that typically move heavy loads or operate in variable terrain. A proprietary computer program enables an operator to manage a load as if it were light and on a smooth, level surface, regardless of the actual grade. Operation does not require manipulation of throttle and/or brakes. The technology has been applied to wheelchairs and is adaptable to bicycles, pallet jacks, or any wheeled device that benefits from power assist.

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