VITA, the trade association dedicated to fostering ANSI-accredited, open- system architectures in a variety of critical embedded system applications, announced that ABP International (ABPI) has become a VITA Media Partner (VMP) focusing on the technologies, products, and trends directly associated with VITA's goals and objectives.

ABPI publishes market-leading design engineering magazines including Embedded Technology, which reaches over 69,000 board and embedded system buyers. ABPI also produces Defense Tech Briefs, the largest-circulation engineering magazine for the mil/aero market, and NASA Tech Briefs, the world's largest-circulation OEM design engineering magazine.

VITA's Media Partners program provides detailed and timely reporting on the latest VITA technologies, markets, members, products, services, and open standards. VITA's Media Partners are the communications and market analysis arm of VITA, communicating technology and business changes to the marketplace, thus keeping manufacturers and users keenly informed of the aspects of these changes.

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