Each month, NTB highlights tech briefs related to a particular area of technology in a special section known as Technology Focus. Here's

an Insider look at the May focus on Communications.

Noise-Canceling Helmet Audio System

NASA's John Glenn Research Center has developed a helmet audio system to improve voice communications in noisy settings for users wearing protective suits such as biohazard, fire, rescue, and diving suits. The system includes microphones and small loudspeakers mounted in a helmet, amplifiers and signal-routing circuitry, and a digital signal processor. The system works in conjunction with a radio transceiver and accommodates itself to normal motion of the user's head within the helmet. (Page 22)

Six-Message Electromechanical Display

An electromechanical display developed at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center would be capable of communicating up to six distinct messages. Most electromechanical displays are limited to just three messages. The system uses display elements with multiple flat faces that are rotated into view to present an image. Each element could be rotated to one of six equally spaced angular positions to present the desired portion of one of six messages. (Page 24)

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