The Air Force's Technology Horizons magazine is now Defense Tech Briefs (DTB),providing engineers with a one-stop source for the latest advances and tech transfer opportunities from Defense Department R&D programs. Commercially promising inventions resulting from this work are reported in DTB magazine, published bi-monthly and mailed with NASA Tech Briefs. Here are some of the technologies featured in the February issue:

--Assembly of Nanowire-Based Computing SystemsA program to develop ultra-dense integrated digital data-processing systems and circuits based on nanowires has been developed at the Air Force Research Laboratory, (Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH). The program involves utilization of hybrid top-down and bottom-up assembly techniques to implement designs representative of a highly reliable defect- and fault-tolerant architecture. (Page 21)

--Measuring Glucose Using pH-Sensitive HydrogelsSensors that exploit pH-sensitive hydrogels for measuring concentrations of glucose in aqueous solutions are undergoing development at the Army Research Laboratory (Adelphi, MD). Because the underlying chemical and physical principles are also applicable to sensing biochemicals other than glucose, it is expected to be relatively easy to modify the glucose sensors to enable detection of such biochemicals. (Page 29)Read these and previously published tech briefs here .