You're a master of the air guitar, playing along with your favorite rock band. But what if your air guitar actually made real music? A team of engineers at the Australian government's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) has created the wearable instrument shirt (WIS), a T-shirt that lets wearers play an air guitar simply by moving one arm to pick chords, and the other to strum the strings.

The WIS consists of a wearable sensor interface embedded in a T-shirt that uses custom software to map gestures with audio samples. The virtual instrument allows real-time music-making, even by players with almost no musical skills. The textile motion sensors in the shirt's sleeves detect motion when the arms bend, and relay the movements wirelessly to a computer for audio generation.

There are no trailing cables to get in the way of your jam session, and the technology is adaptable to almost any type of apparel.

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