American Polarizers Inc. (API) (Reading, PA) has expanded its product offering with 3M Vikuiti™ Brightness Enhancement Films (3M BEF). A single 3M BEF sheet increases the brightness of backlit LCD displays by up to 60%. Placing two sheets at right angles to one another results in up to a 120% brightness increase. Additionally, 3M BEF films promote power savings and thermal management. 3M BEF films contain prismatic structures which refract the light output from the backlight. The prisms send the light back into the LCD. The recycled light then passes out again through the display toward the viewer thereby compressing the light output to achieve the brightness gain. 3M BEF films are available in a variety of standard sheet sizes including, but not limited to, 11” x 11”, 17” x 17” and 24.25” x 24.25” as well as custom sizes.

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