(Lockbourne, OH) has released two new PCI Express RAID Controller Cards (SKUs: PEXSAT34RH, PEXSAT34SFF). The new PCIe RAID cards feature Marvell™ HyperDuo SSD Auto-Tiering Technology, an embedded technology for 6Gbps SATA controllers that allows users to combine SATA SSD and HDD drives into a single volume (up to 3 SSD + 1 HDD), while built-in HyperDuo technology discreetly identifies and moves frequently accessed files to the faster SSD drive(s). While providing the improved speed and data throughput (up to 80% SSD performance), the cards still enable all data to be safely stored on a larger capacity HDD. The HyperDuo feature can be configured either at the boot level (no software required) or at the OS level through an intuitive administration GUI console in Windows.

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