Technobox, Inc. (West Berlin, NJ) has introduced a new SATA-based storage solution in its 6183 Dual CFast XMC Adapter. The 6183 accommodates two CFast devices – either the Type 1 or 2 – with one affixed to an on-board site and the other removable via the front panel port. Data movement between each CFast device and the internal 1X PCIe bus is controlled by a Silicon Image Sil3132 bridge. The bridge supports two SATA Gen2 interfaces at 3.0 GBytes/s.

On-board BIOS, loaded in flash memory, provides boot up configuration for the Sil3132. The bridge retrieves the stored configuration data via an I2C interface. Two LEDs on the front panel provide activity status for the front panel and onboard CFast cards. Another four LEDs on the card give an indication of activity for each device.

A retention mechanism is included to prevent accidental removal of the front panel device. The retainer also functions as an interlock for the 6183 hot swap feature. .

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