TDK Corporation (San Diego, CA) announced the introduction of the 35 Ampere TDK-Lambda iJA series of POL (Point of Load) non-isolated DC-DC converters. Being PMBus™ compliant and featuring digital control, these converters operate from an 8 to 14 VDC input and can provide output voltages from 0.6 to 3.3V, with a precision set point accuracy of 1%. The surface mount converters occupy only 0.45 square inch of board space, representing an ultra-high power density of 580 Watts per cubic inch. Overall dimensions are 22.9mm x 12.7mm x 9.7mm with a weight of 6.5g. The iJA power module has a typical efficiency of 94% with a 3.3V output, 12V input and 80% loading.

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