Product 1

Software for Enhanced Laser Processing

Prima Power Laserdyne (Champlin, MN) released of the FASTTRIM™ CAD/CAM software for use with its multi-axis precision laser processing systems. The FASTTRIM all-in-one software enables users to model parts, define process paths, define feature locations and build part fixtures. It allows posting a complete program for 2D and 3D laser welding, drilling and cutting applications. FASTTRIM supports the LASERDYNE® 795, LASERDYNE® 430 and LASERDYNE® 606D systems. Users can take full advantage of the capabilities within these systems including welding (with and without wire feed), percussion drilling, hole trepanning and cutting using QCW and CW lasers.

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Product 2

Nano-Precision Motion Controls

As a new addition to its range of nanomater-precision motion control solutions, ALIO (Arvada, CO)recently introduced its Hybrid Hexapod®, which due to the combination of serial and parallel kinematic 6-D Nano Precision® stages, exhibits orders-of-magnitude improvements in precision, path performance, speed, stiffness and a larger work envelope with virtually unlimited XY travel, as well as fully programmable tool-center point locations. ALIO’s Hybrid Hexapod® has less than 100 nm 3-Dimensional 6 axis Point Precision® repeatability, making it suitable for mission critical applications in the laser processing, optical inspection, photonics, semiconductor, metrology, and medical device sectors.

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Product 3

Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers

Saelig Company, Inc. (Fairport, NY) has introduced the compact ThinkRF R5x50 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer series. Sleeker, lighter weight, and quieter than their predecessor models, the R5550 and R5750 analyzers offer improved spectral performance, lower power consumption, and improved portability at a more cost-effective price over the previous R5500 models. The R5750 version adds an embedded GPS capability for time and location data and comes with an optional IP66 rating for increased durability and ruggedness in challenging environments. The portable, fanless ThinkRF R5x50 comes in 8, 18, or 27GHz versions. FPGA-based digital signal processing within the R5x50 enables the capture of elusive time-varying signals across an instantaneous bandwidth of up to 100MHz.

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Product 4

Green LEDs

Plessey (Plymouth, UK) has developed their proprietary 2D planar gallium nitride on silicon (GaN-on-Si) process to emit green light without the need for color conversion techniques. Plessey’s native green LEDs are formed inherently using its proprietary GaN-on-Si epitaxial growth process similar to the native blue LEDs with the principal difference coming in the amount of indium that is incorporated in the quantum well structures of the LED. With no color conversion losses, the native green emission is orders of magnitude times brighter than color converted process for microLEDs. With a dominant green wavelength of 530nm and a full width half maximum wavelength of 31nm the green is well suited for color displays.

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Product 5

Infrared Detector Components

Würth Elektronik eiSos (Waldenburg, Germany) is expanding its optoelectronics portfolio. Following infrared LEDs, the company now also has a wide range of detectors in its program that are perfectly matched to the LEDs. Developers of various infrared applications can now be sure that the spectra of emitters and detectors match. The photodetectors are available in numerous designs with or without daylight filter. All products are equipped with a gold wire for excellent contacting.

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Product 6

5GBASE-T PoE Industrial Cameras

LUCID Vision Labs, Inc. (Richmond, BC, Canada) announced the entry into serial production of its Atlas 12.3 MP and 31.4 MP cameras over 5GBASE-T PoE. The 5GBASE-T Ethernet interface is 5 times faster than Gigabit Ethernet, 50% faster than USB3.1 Gen1 and offers similar bandwidth as CameraLink, allowing the use of standard CAT5e and CAT6 cables up to 100 meters. Atlas features Power over Ethernet (PoE) that simplifies integration and reduces cost. Despite its compact 55 x 55 mm size, Atlas supports large format APS-C image sensors and operates over a wide ambient temperature range of -20°C to 55°C.

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Product 7

Thermal Imaging Software

FLIR Systems (Meer, Belgium) has introduced FLIR Research Studio, a new thermal imaging software for Research and Development (R&D) and science professionals. Available for a free trial download, FLIR Research Studio is designed for use across multiple platforms and in 22 languages, to allow R&D and engineering teams to collaborate on thermal data collection, analysis, and sharing. Available for Windows, MacOS, or Linux, Research Studio users can record and evaluate data across platforms from multiple FLIR science cameras and recorded sources simultaneously.

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Product 8

Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Anritsu Company (Allen, TX) has introduced the Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA) MS9740B that combines high-end measurement-sensitivity performance, expanded functionality, compact size, and high-speed measurement capability. With the MS9740B, design and manufacturing engineers can accurately verify and improve time-to-market of 100G/400G optical modules designed into 5G and Cloud communications systems. The benchtop OSA has wide dynamic range of >70 dB and maximum measurement processing time of 0.35s (sweeping 30-nm wavelength). Optical sensitivity is as low as –90 dBm. Accurate side mode suppression ratio (SMSR) measurements can be made at 45 dB or more.

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