Product 1

Bandpass Filters

MidOpt® (Palatine, IL) introduced the BP450 Indigo Bandpass and the BN450 Narrow Indigo Bandpass, two new filters designed for multi-application use. The BP450 enhances the viewing of subjects illuminated by a 450nm blue LED. The BN450 Narrow Indigo Bandpass is designed for use with 3D blue laser triangulation systems used for measuring position, distance, level, displacement, proximity and profiles of objects. As with all MidOpt Bandpass filters, the BP450 and BN450 are both manufactured with MidOpt StablEDGE® technology and are also both coated with the MidOpt BBAR Anti-reflection coating.

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Product 2

Multiple-Angle Display Testing System

Gamma Scientific (San Diego, CA) released its Vector line of display view angle testers. The color testers integrate multiple spectroradiometers into a compact module to provide comprehensive accurate, high-speed, and reliable display measurement from multiple angles simultaneously. The standard proven multi-angle offering GS-1164 4-angle spectroradiometer from Gamma Scientific has the capability of delivering simultaneous measurements from 0°, 30°,45°, and 60°. Solutions are available with three, four, five and six angles, including a flicker meter.

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Product 3

Laser and Imaging Optics

Edmund Optics® (Barrington, NJ) released Laser Grade C-Axis Sapphire Windows, suitable for use with high-powered lasers and TECHSPEC® Cw Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses. Laser Grade C-Axis Sapphire Windows are precision optical windows cut to the C-axis of sapphire eliminating inherent birefringence. These laser windows feature 10-5 surface quality, λ/10 transmitted wavefront distortion, and are available uncoated or with an ion-beam sputtered (IBS) antireflection (AR) coating for 1000 - 1100nm Nd:YAG, Yb:doped fiber, or Yb:YAG laser applications.

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Product 4

SWIR Line Scan Camera

Chromasens (Konstanz, Germany) launched its first shortwave infrared (SWIR) line scan camera, the allPIXA SWIR. Featuring an uncooled 1K InGaAs sensor in a compact yet rugged IP40 housing and capable of picking out defects not visible to the human eye in the 950 to 1700 nm spectral range, the allPIXA SWIR addresses quality control concerns in high-volume solar panel manufacturing, semiconductor fabrication, and packaging inspection. It also meets the growing need for accurate sorting of raw minerals, foods, and recycling products on fast moving conveyor belts with its 1024 x 1 resolution and 12.5μm x 12.5μm square pixels.

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Product 5

3D Scanners

Exact Metrology (Brookfield, WI) has introduced PolyScan XL, part of the Polyrix PolyScan™ Surround 3D Scanner family. The PolyScan XL6 is designed to measure parts up to 1600 mm, combining 12 cameras and 12 projectors to provide 210 effective scanning units. It is ideal for medium-to-large aerospace castings, or automotive sheet metal components. Complete inspection of parts is achieved in only 6 minutes. PolyScan XL8, the larger version of XL, is designed to measure parts up to 2000mm. It combines 16 cameras and 16 projectors to provide 376 effective scanning units.

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